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On Demand

Monthly Subscription


Two-way live video conferencing – similar to Face to Face Interview

Group Interviews

Feedback Management of the interview – Both Interviewer and Interviewee

Panel Interviews

Interview Recording and Storage for retrieval

Interview Evaluation Management

Sharing interview comments, scores, evaluation with other interviewers

Scoring / Ranking of completed interviews

Storage of interview comments, scores, evaluation with other interviewers

Multiple interviews concurrently

Interview Scheduling

Interview Invitations

Time Zone management for scheduling and notifications

One-way pre-recorded interview

Customized Pre-recorded interviewer/interview introduction

Customizable interview question bank

Video or written job descriptions for interviewee consumption

E-mail interaction between interview panel members

Re-recording the response for an interviewee

Timer to limit recordings

On screen timer or time clock to the interviewee

Customizable Think Time for a question

Configurable time limits by the interviewer / HR Manager on a case to case basis

Configurable time duration for each interview

Invite multiple interviewers during a live interview

Live Chat functionality during interviews between interviewers and interviewees